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If you’re new to hair braiding, then it’s no wonder you may feel a little unsure of how this whole thing works. Well, fear not; we’re here to help! We provide professional hair braiding services for people of all ages, races, and gender.

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We recommend KNOTLESS braids for first-timers and for all hair types for these reasons:

Knotless braids are

  • Lightweight
  • More natural look
  • Painless
  • The fast braiding
  • Any length will be perfect!!

YES!!! The cost of the extension is included in the prices displayed for Box braids, twist and cornrows unless otherwise. All costs are displayed when booking.  We provide the best quality. If you have your own extension or will; love to provide, please let us know so we can apply it to your braiding cost. We only use professional extension. Other styles like weaves, crochets and a few more, you will need to provide your own extensions.

We braid all hair types in their natural form, straight, curly, Afro etc.

Yes we accept cash, debit and major credit cards (additional fees applicable for credit cards).

Please come with your hair freshly washed and dry and blow dried with no grease oil added.

For curly hair we advice blow drying straight hair is faster to braids and less sore from pulling.

Hair that is not blow dried will not be touched if your hair is longer than 20-22 inches long we charge extra we do not braid very long hair unless you already informed us beforehand. 


Cornrows:  with extensions are 30 mins to 3 hours depending on design and layers.

Individuals braids with human or synthetic extensions would take between 3 and 7 hours, and is typically the same for styles like the kinky and Nubian twist.

Senegalese Twist , Braids and Box Braids may take between 3 to 7 hours to instal.


  • Size of your head
  • size of braids
  • Length of braids
  • Style etc

We prefer all our clients book on our websie so we can get enough information before their appointment.

It is always easier and faster to book online and pay before someone else does.

Cornrows with extensions added should last up to 4 weeks. For Individuals braids, weaves and twist with extension, we advise that you keep it in for 8 weeks but no more than 13 weeks. Leaving braids or twist in beyond the prescribed time can lead to your hair locking and hair loss.

We advise that you minimize the number of times that you shampoo while have braids, weaves or twisted extensions in the hair. There are several products on the market that will enable you to do a dry shampoo in between a regular shampoo. We suggest that you do a full shampoo with a stocking cap covering the braids or twist every 4 weeks.

Please read our ‘Blog’ section for ways to wash your hair with braids in.

No, they don’t. Improper installation can cause damage and improper maintenance can as well. There are a lot of factors involved and if Box braid hairstyles are done properly they do not damage the hair. It depends a lot on the professional who braids your hair. If they are installed too tight, it will cause damage to both your hair and your scalp. If your hair is already thinning and breaking, braiding can cause more damage. Box braids hairstyles are supposed to be hassle-free but if the braids are too long or too heavy, it can be bad for your hair and scalp.

Not at the moment. We will let everyone know when our mobile service is back.

This is a hard one because we are not medical advisers. Please do your research.

We however provide Ez Braids Hair, which is PREMIUM HAIR and has

  • Made with 99% Antibacterial Fiber “SPECTRA”
  • Ultra-Light
  • Soft & Wearable
  • Itch Free

We can also deep your hair in Apple Cidar Vinegar to wash out the Alkaline which is a primary reason synthetic hair itches. We have no control over alkaline because we do not manufacture hair, but wer try to control itches. ONLY 1 % of clients react to alkaline.

Braids will generally itch but itches caused by alkaline is different.

AGAIN!!! please do your research!!

Read out blog section for an article on this.

what we do

Our Hair braiding technic involves intricately twisting, pulling, shaping, and braiding hair, and it is particularly popular amongst African-Americans and African immigrants. Our braider are beauty professionals that specialize in the art of twisting, braiding, and tying many small braids all over the head.


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