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Our Popular Makeup Services

Basic Makeup Application

Basic makeup application involves cleansing and moisturizing the face, applying a primer and foundation to even out skin tone, concealing blemishes, setting with powder, defining eyebrows, adding neutral eyeshadow, a touch of blush, and finishing with lip color. This minimalistic approach enhances natural features for a refreshed look, suitable for everyday wear.

Bridal Consultation

A Bridal Makeup Consultation is an essential pre-wedding service where a professional makeup artist collaborates with the bride-to-be to curate her dream wedding day look.
This consultation involves discussing the bride's vision, skin type, and style preferences to design a personalized makeup look for the big day.

Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup is an artful application of cosmetics designed to enhance a bride's natural beauty on her wedding day. It focuses on creating a flawless complexion, accentuating features, and achieving a harmonious look that complements the bride's attire and overall style. Bridal makeup artists skillfully blend colors, textures, and techniques to ensure the bride radiates confidence and elegance, leaving a lasting impression as she walks down the aisle.

Eyes Only

Eyes Only Makeup specializes in captivating eye artistry. Our exclusive focus on eyes allows us to create mesmerizing looks that amplify your natural beauty. From subtle elegance to bold statements, our skilled artists curate stunning eye makeup using premium products and innovative techniques. Elevate your gaze with Eyes Only Makeup. Your eyes, our canvas.

Full Face Glam

Full Face Glam Makeup is a striking cosmetic technique that accentuates facial features for a glamorous, red-carpet-ready look. This style encompasses flawless foundation, sculpted contouring, shimmering highlights, dramatic eyeshadow, bold eyelashes, and intense lip color, creating a captivating and alluring appearance for special events and photography.

One On One Makeup Lesson

Enhance your beauty skills with a personalized One On One Makeup Lesson. Discover expert techniques, tailored advice, and product insights as we guide you step-by-step. Unveil your unique style and master the art of makeup application in this learning experience.

Photoshoot Makeup

Elevate your visual storytelling with flawless and camera-ready makeup artistry. We will skillfully enhance your features, ensuring you look your best under the bright lights and high-definition lenses. From natural radiance to bold creative looks, our tailored makeup application guarantees stunning results that capture the essence of your vision and amplify your photographic impact.

Prom Makeup

Prom makeup enhances natural beauty, emphasizing eyes, lips, and skin. Subtle yet alluring, it balances elegance and youthfulness, ensuring a radiant and confident look for an unforgettable night.

With meticulous attention to detail, prom makeup expertly highlights individual features, creating a personalized and enchanting finish that captures the essence of the moment.

Strip Lashes

Strip lashes are a popular cosmetic accessory used to enhance the appearance of eyelashes. Made from synthetic or natural fibers, they are designed to be temporarily applied along the lash line using adhesive.

Strip lashes offer instant volume, length, and intensity to one's natural lashes, accentuating the eyes and creating a dramatic or subtle look, depending on the style chosen.

Popular Makeup in 2024

Glam MakeUp Special

Discover the allure of makeup in 2024 with Nancy’s Elevate your beauty game with cutting-edge trends, vibrant palettes, and innovative formulations. From captivating holographic highlights to effortlessly chic monochromatic looks, this year’s collection empowers you to express your individuality. Unleash your creativity with sustainable and cruelty-free options, indulging in an amazing glam experience.


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