Box Braids & Individual Braids

Box Braids Hair Styles

Hair Included, Up To 7h

Box braids are Individual braids that get their name from the square shape where your hair is sectioned off. They’re most often installed with extensions and come in various lengths, sizes, and colors (as you’ll see ahead when you decide to book).If you’re thinking of getting the style yourself, there are a couple of things our stylists believe you should know. First, you should treat and trim your hair before the service.
Natural hair is often blow-dried out beforehand to make the installation process easier for your stylist, so you can have your ends cut then. Nancy also recommends that you research yours beforehand and be conscious of the sensitive parts of your scalp before and during the braiding process.“If you have a thin or weak hairline, you shouldn’t put excess tension on those areas.”

Price:- $195- $450

Individual Braids

Hair Included, Up To 3h

Are you thinking about trying individual braids or looking for new ways to style your everyday look? We got your back. We’ve created a collection of 20 unique ways to wear individual braids, and we know you will love them. Our Single or Individual braids are one of our favorite styles, and we can’t get enough of these intricate looks. Individual braids are a great protective style, and while they take a little to create, we’ve all got plenty of time as the team is growing to better serve you. Two of our best stylists will take care of you.

Price:- $170- $300

Goddess Box Braids

Hair Included, Up To 5h

Next, we have a trendy hairstyle to show you. Our goddess braids are chunky and can be made in different sizes and colors, while the curls are loose. The hair also can feature stylish gold accessories. Goddess Box braids are a beautiful hairstyle that will look amazing on everyone. Recreate this or try the style without accessories or colors for a more straightforward look.If you want hair that will wow, then choose something like this! Here we have long braids that are worn to the side.

Price:- $190- $350

Bob Box Braid Hairstyle

Hair Included, Up To 3h

Every parent wants their little girl’s hair to be beautiful and healthy as she goes about her braiding day. This kid’s knotless box braids with beads look fabulous and will encourage your daughter’s hair growth. The hairstyle is long, with uniform partings, and beads are also added to the ends of the braids.Our kid’s knotless box braids with beads hairstyle are the perfect look for your little girl. It’s also a hairstyle that any parent can easily maintain.

Price:- $180- $250

Jumbo Box Braid Meddle Back

Hair Included, Up To 3h 30min

Box Braids make a beautiful combination of twists and creative hairstyles. You can be as creative as you want with the box braids, but when you want them thin, it takes a lot of time styling them, and our stylists are perfect for the style and finish.One way to make your task super easy and get an eye-catching hairstyle is to make Box Braids bigger. Our Jumbo box braids are usually made using a more extensive section of hair strands, and it takes less time to style them.If you are looking for a stunning hairstyle that immediately gets everybody’s attention, then jumbo box braids are an excellent choice for you to opt for.

Price:- $180- $300


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