Faux Locs or Goddess Locks & Crochet Braids

Butterfly Locks Crochet

Hair Included, 6h

Butterfly locs, also known as distressed locs, are contemporary hairstyles in which a piece of wavy hair is crocheted into the root of braided hair. Then the wavy hair is wrapped around the braids loosely with some gaps by the side; hence the distressed locs. Butterfly locs have been all over Instagram lately, and we can understand why. The hairstyle is made by wrapping a traditional loc loosely, giving it a distressed and unraveled look, but it is cute. If you have been searching for the right loc, don’t worry; we will turn your imagination into reality.

Price:- $195- $350

Crochet Braids Weaves

Special Braiding Style, Up To 3h

Not familiar with the words’ crochet braids? Never fear! We are here to break down this lesser-known, but innovative, low-maintenance hair technique’s who, what, when, why, and how.

Although crochet braids can look incredibly real, they are all made of fake hair. We attach the artificial hair to the existing cornrowed back hair, and the hair extensions are secured using a crochet needle-type device. Those are the basics, but there are many ways this style can be used to achieve different looks.

Price:- $145- $250

Interlock Hair Style

Up To 4h 1h 30min

The interlocking technique, called latch-hooking or root flipping, requires pulling the ends of a section of hair (or a dreadlock) through the root of that same section. This technic creates a “lock” of sorts and holds the hair in that position while a dreadlock forms.

Interlocking is often used to start new locs. Loose hair is repeatedly interlocked from ends to roots using one of the abovementioned tools. Depending on your hair type, condition, and density, it could take a couple of hours to interlock all of your hair. It takes six months to 2 years for the hair to lock and look like mature dreadlocks.

Price:- $120- $500

Individual Crochet Faux Locs

Special Braiding Style, Up To 3h 45min

Individual Crochet Faux Locs Hairstyle, also known as the no cornrow method, give you styling versatility, with the time-saving benefit of crochet braids hair. Our Individual Crochet Faux Locs are chunky and have multi tones of black and dark brown. We can recreate this bun with smaller or larger locs in any color of your choice. Choose a similar hairstyle if you are looking for something chic that will glam up your look. We also have a blonde hair idea. The faux locs been styled into a medium-length style and are a bright, summery blonde color. A Blonde like this is perfect if you want a bold, new look. You can have blonde locs styled into a bob, lob, or leave them super long.

Price:- $120- $250

Goddess Faux Locs

Hair Included, Up To 6h

Are you looking for a new hairstyle? Consider our Goddess Faux Locs. These locs are super stylish and will suit everyone. We love goddess Faux locs and thinks you will too. Everyone has a hair idea, from natural hairdos to vibrant hairstyles with bold colors. Whatever styles you like, we have an idea for you. Take a look, and you will soon be booking your next hair appointment!

Price:- $210- $390


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