Kids Braids Styles

Kids Individual Braids Hairstyle

Individual Braids Hairstyle

Kid’s Individuals braid Hair Style is not attached just for fun; they give the hair protection no hair care cosmetics can offer. If styled correctly, the Individual braids can help a girl’s hair grow long and healthy. While women love hair extensions and experiment with them, our Individual Braid Hair Styles for kids can be overlooked. Young girls look very impressive and adorably stylish with Individual braids. It might be a little tough to deal with fine children’s hair, but our professional hairstylist can readily develop an absolute masterpiece.

Price:- $150- $250

Kids Cornrows With Beads

Cornrows with Beads

Beads take any hairstyle from basic to wow, and this is no different for kids’ Cornrows hairstyles. Our Cornrows with beads allow you to keep your child’s hair neat and save you any extra time taken to prep their hair in the morning. All you’ll have to do with braids on a busy school morning is oil their hair. If your child is tender-headed or can’t stay still long enough to get their hair braided, check out these easy natural hairstyles for kids; You Choose different types of beads, strings, bows, and braids accessories to ensure your kids’ braids stand out.

Price:- $110- $150

Kids Cornrows Half Box Braids

Cornrows Half Box

When you choose cornrows as a hairstyle for your Kid, it doesn’t mean you have to go full–braided hair. Combining with box braids can be more than enough to show off your girl’s feminine inner beauty and shine like the beauty she truly is. And the great thing about this braided hairstyle is that she can flaunt her long hair. Don’t be afraid to do a few experiments with your child’s hair. Our Half box braid for Kids protects the locks while making them grow better and stay healthy longer. Depending on the chosen hairstyle for your child, avoid keeping the braids in for too long. Keeping the braids in for too long can

Price:- $160- $200

Kid Medium Knotless Middle Back Length

Medium Knotless

Our Medium Knotless Middle Back Length incorporates two styling techniques, and they are designed to promote healthy hair growth and create a polished look. These little girl knotless braids with beads are a healthier way to apply hair additions to your hair. In the past, hair additions were applied by tying the additions to your hair with a knot at the scalp. These Knotless braids do away with this procedure. The hair additions are fed into the braid with your child’s hair as the braid is created. Parents love knotless braids for their kids because they cause less tension on the scalp, as too much stress could damage hair.

Price:- $167- $250

Baby Knotless Hair Style

Baby Knotless Special 3-6 Y

Every parent wants their little girl’s hair to be beautiful and healthy as she goes about her braiding day. These Baby knotless box braids with beads look fabulous and will encourage your daughter’s hair growth. The hairstyle is long, with uniform partings, and beads are added to the braids’ ends. Our Baby’s knotless hairstyle is the perfect look for your little girl, and it’s also a hairstyle that any parent can easily maintain. Before you bring your child to get braided, Make sure you wash their hair using a shampoo and deep condition it.

Price:- $150- $180


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