Men's Big Cornrow Braids

Hair Included, Up To 1h 45min

Big cornrows braids are made for men with thick hair who want a hassle-free way to braid their hair without losing style. They are also popular among guys as big cornrows stand out, making them very manly.
We start with small plaits at the front of your head while making them gradually bigger as they reach your crown. Then, the varying sizes will complement each other with aplomb.

Price:- $50- $150

Men's Cornrows Design

Up To 1h 5min

There are tons of cornrow designs out there. You don’t need to stick with the tried and tested “straight and to the back” if you find it tedious. Instead, you can play around with your braids however you see fit, whether crisscrossing them or positioning them into a mohawk.

Don’t be afraid to mix complicated with simple, either. A popular and current trend uses a double helix on top with a regular plait on the side for the ultimate design.

Price:- $65- $200

Cornrows With Taper

Hair Included, Up To 1h 55min

Cornrows with a taper are for men that don’t want an exposed skin fade as they need to remain stylish and professional in equal measure. The trick to a powerful taper with cornrows is to blend short hair into even shorter hair for a seamless adjustment that’s subtle and smooth. A line-up is a perfect addition if your taper isn’t bold enough, mainly if you use an arc to blend it into your sideburns.

Price:- $50- $120

Men’s Box Braids

Hair Included, Up To 2h 30min

Box braids for men get their name from the square-shaped sections where plaits are formed. In contrast to cornrows that are tight to the scalp, box braids hang loose. Braids can be short or long, big or small, natural hair or extensions. The boxes can also be of different sizes and shapes. In general, there are three braids sizes. Micro braids are the smallest and thinnest, regular braids are about the size of a pencil, and jumbo braids are thick and chunky. However, you don’t need to know all this. Find a picture of braids you like on our website and talk to our operator or braider about it. While box braids are most famous for natural hair and Black men, the trend also works for straight hair and Asian, Hispanic, and white guys.

Price:- $170- $210

Men's Long Cornrows

Hair Included, Up To 1h 45min

Long men’s hairstyles are often thought to represent the kind of lifestyle that one lives, and so you can never afford to go wrong with your signature hairstyle. Although there are many long hairstyles to choose from, not all of them are suitable for you because what looks good on a friend will not necessarily look nice. Before choosing a long hairstyle, it is essential to talk to your/our stylists and understand some available types, how to wear and the kind of people that suit most. Due to this, it is practically impossible to sum up, all the styles into a few of them or give them a specific number. However, these long Cornrows are the most popular and widespread men’s long hairstyles.

Price:- $100- $170


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