Touch Up & Maintenance

Touch Up Individual Braids-Box Braids

Up To 1h 45min

Let’s be honest. Most people see our braids as the perimeter—front, sides, and back. So, if you’re someone who has “old-looking braids” by week three (hey, it happens), buy yourself some more time (and money) by only getting the perimeter redone. Your braids will look like you got all of them installed again, it’s cheaper than paying for your entire head, and you can keep the others in for another month or so before it’s time to take them down.

Price:- $120- $150

Touch Up Twisted Hair Style

Up To 1h 5min

Touch Up refresh Edges In twisted hair (No Take Down Required) Twisted hair can last anywhere up to 8 weeks depending on how you take care of them,” You must periodically retouch your braids around the perimeter to keep them looking fresh and to keep your edges from breaking, especially for longer, thicker braids which are usually heavier. Every 2-3 weeks should be sufficient and remember not to re-braid too tight.

Price:- $130- $170

Wash With Shampoo

Up To 1h 45min

There’s more to it than wetting your hair, lathering up with shampoo, rinsing, and repeating with conditioner — especially if you want optimal results. “Applying proper hair washing techniques lets you ensure that you don’t damage your hair and follicles,” says Monica Davis, a professional hairstylist. It will also ensure you don’t harm the skin on your scalp. That’s why, if you genuinely want to do what’s best for your scalp and your hair, there are a few things you’ll want to pay attention to. But, don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Price:- $40- $150

Take Down Box Braid

Up To 1h 5min

LET YOUR HAIR BREATHE, This means not to go ahead and reinstall braids in 2 days, or worse, the same day! When our hair is braided, though it is not being manipulated frequently, it is still under stress by the weight, friction, and synthetic nature of the extensions. Even though hair is dead, it needs access to water and air, and needs to regroup after being tucked under braids. Wear your hair proudly in it’s natural state for at least two weeks – whether a wash and go, twist-out, or a pretty updo – before reinstalling braids. Or you can do another low maintenance protective style like a low bun, wigs, or a puff (easy on the edges though!)

Price:- $170- $210

Take Down Faux Locs (Dreadlocks)

Up To 2h 45min

The Dreadlock Removal process can take a few hours to a few weeks, and the amount of time varies DRASTICALLY depending on many different factors. For example, the photos included on this page took 5 hours for two people to comb out a single large mass of knots. Dreadlocks have a spiritual and identity connection to most people who wear them. Speaking, however, dreadlocks are nothing more than a large mass of knots. Therefore, to remove dreadlocks, they should be treated similarly to brushing out knots in normal hair. The concept is the same, and it just takes far more effort because there are thousands more knots in dreadlocks than your average head of normal “un-dreaded” hair.

Price:- $120- $350


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